Terms of use

Terms of Use

It is clarified that the access of the web page herein or/and the use of content and information included in PRELIUM web page run under the following terms and conditions, which the User specifically acknowledges and unconditionally and fully agrees to, prior to use/access. If the User is dissatisfied with any Material on this Site or with any of its Terms and Conditions of Use, the User’s sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using the website, otherwise it will be presumed that he agrees. PRELIUM’s web page Terms and Conditions are outlined in detail below:

Intellectual Property Protection - Industrial Property Rights

The entire content (i.e. texts, information data, any type of file, graphics, pictures, illustrations, graphs, logos, names etc) of the website therein appear subject to the National & International Copyright Laws with all rights reserved by the PRELIUM or any third parties which uphold any type of legal relation to the above company.

No Site Content may be modified, distributed, copied, framed, reproduced, republished, downloaded, displayed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, in whole or in part, for trading or other purposes without the Company’s or its duly authorized beneficiaries prior explicit and written consent.

PRELIUM grants permission to Users to save and copy individual pages and/or sections from the PRELIUM site only for the User’s strictly personal, non-trading or other use and may be downloaded and stored on a hard disk or similar storage device solely for that purpose. By no means this action grants the above company’s Intellectual Property privileges to the User, therefore, the User must clearly reference the information source. (All property rights shall remain with PRELIUM.)

Links to third-party web sites

This website allows the Navigators/Users to access third-party web pages through links, hyperlinks and banners. PRELIUM is not responsible for the content of external websites to which our information offers links whereas only the corresponding third-party exclusively is. PRELIUM does not guarantee for the availability of any linked site and does not assume any responsibility of the content, correctness, legality, completeness, topicality and accuracy of the contents of such websites, or for the quality and properties of such products or services contained. Additionally, PRELIUM disclaims without limitation, all liability for any faulty or disfunctional operation of the third-party websites and any loss or damage of any kind regarding the Navigator/User, which might be incurred through the use of or access to any links to these third-party websites and the provided information, services and products.

The purpose of the PRELIUM website is to provide these links exclusively as a service and a convenience to the Navigator/User as regards his search for collected information and his completed update.

Limitation of liability

The PRELIUM makes every effort to ensure that all information provided as part of this web site is accurate, correct, clear, complete, updated, efficient and available but does not guarantee and is not liable for the accomplishment of all of the above.Under no circumstances, negligence included, will PRELIUM assume any responsibility for loss or damage of any type suffered by the Navigator who is visiting or/and the User who is using this site as a result of him taking this action.The information and the rest of the content provided by this web site, and which are not at the PRELIUM’s concern, are being collected from publicly known sources and serve informational purposes only. PRELIUM makes no representation (either express or implied) of any evaluation, estimation, adoption, acceptance or approval of the information expressed on this web site and that the website content in no case finds favour with guidance or recommendation, offer, suggestion or acceptance of any proposal regarding the provision of contract or transaction with the PRELIUM or any third parties. The User holds the entire responsibility for the use, evaluation, rating and utilization of the information available. Any business or other decisions must be solely based on the Navigator’s/User’s responsibility. PRELIUM declaims all liability for covering or repairing damages of any kind or discrepancies which might be incurred through the use of or access to PRELIUM website information.

Furthermore, PRELIUM expressly reminds of the risk accompanying the Internet environment as it is not regarded as a secure environment, and although anti-virus softwares are used for the personal computers protection, this action is unable to guarantee that this website will function adequately and free from all kinds of faults and virus contamination. Thus, PRELIUM will not be liable for any data losses or other damage (for the Navigator/User or a third party) caused by visiting/using/copying/ downloading or any virus file corruption or contamination or any criminal activity of a third party related to data and information access available in this website. The Navigator/User is entirely responsible for his computer system virus protection whilst using material derived from this Website.

Users Liability of PRELIUM website

This website Navigator/User agrees to comply with the Greek, Community and International Laws of Telecommunications and shall not engage in any illegal and improper action whilst visiting and/or using this website and to avoid equally the adoption of illegal competition and other unlawful practices. In the event that the Navigator/User causes damages to a third party in connection with the improper use of this Website and its services, the Navigator/User is solely responsible to resolve such at his own expense, doing so in a fashion as to cause no damages to the Company. In the event that PRELIUM is involved in litigation or is asked to apply compensation regarding acts in violation of Terms and Conditions by the Navigator/User, or any fraudulent or illegal acts, PRELIUM may seek commensurate compensation for damages from the User.

The User is also solely responsible in all respects: a. For protecting the confidentiality of the PIN (Personal Identification Number) which will be given by the PRELIUM in order for the Navigator/User to have access in specific information sites and b. For the damage to his own operating system and/or any breach of security regarding PRELIUM’s website caused by an unauthorised third-party entry.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

The Company may, at its own discretion, change these Terms and Conditions without being obliged to provide any prior notification to the Navigator/User. Such changes shall be announced on this website in order for the Navigators/Users to be notified whilst the acceptance of such changes shall be assumed as a fact, while the Navigators/Users are still using the herein website.

Personal Data Security

The management and security of the Navigator’s/User’s personal data complies with the terms and conditions of this PRELIUM website and governed accordingly by the International Copyright Act and the Private Intellectual Property Rights. PRELIUM stores all the personal information data provided by the Navigator/Users and applies the appropriate privacy policy as determined. No third parties shall have access to this data. (We may disclose personal information when we in good faith believe that the law requires such disclosure, or we are otherwise compelled to do so by the provisions of the law). These archives shall be stored in our web site only for the purposes of communication and the improvement of our services. The Navigators/Users provide to PRELIUM their consent so as the latter to use their personal data. The aforementioned consent is presumed to be provided solely by the use of our website This data protection declaration by PRELIUM does not cover other website providers. We have no influence and hold no responsibility over whether the operators of websites (third parties), which are linked to us, conform to data protection regulations. According to the Law 2472/1997 Act 12, every Navigator/User has in any case the right to obtain information investigating whether his own personal information data are or have been processed. Furthermore, the User has the right to obtain objections regarding the process of his personal data.

Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability

Prelium Investment Services S.A. under no circumstances – including negligence – may be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the use, or inability of use of www.prelium.gr. The accuracy of the material provided herein, either expressly or impliently, cannot be warranted. None of the material appearing on the site may be considered as a trade recommendation or investment advice of any kind.