Trading Services

Trading Services

A comprehensive proposal for stock trading.

Prelium Investment Services SA offers each client a comprehensive proposal concerning stock trading. Our company covers the financial markets in Greece and abroad, constantly expanding its partnerships and services, and stating its’ presence at every investment opportunity.

Our customers can use the following services:

  • Stock Trading in Greece and Abroad
  • Derivatives Trading in Greece and Abroad
  • Transactions of Greek and Foreign Bonds
  • Foreign exchange transactions
  • Trading of commodities and precious metals
  • Trading of CFD’s
Stock Trading

    • Greece

Transactions of shares listed on the Athens Exchange through terminals installed in our offices. Mifid regulatory compliance, supervised by the Capital Market Commission. Serving investors with certified executives.

    • International

Fully automated trading in all international stock markets.
Exploiting the huge range of options, high marketability and geographic risk diversification, in a fully internationalized environment.

Bond Trading

In collaboration with Banks and Stock Brokers abroad, as well as dealing rooms of Greek banks, we are able to execute transactions on behalf of our clients in any bond issue, government or corporate, Greek or foreign issuer, making the best effort in finding the best price.

Derivatives Trading

    • Greece

Transactions in all derivative products of the Greek market using the terminals located in our company and our certified executives. A variety of options is offered for hedging against changes in the FTSE Large Cap Index and high marketability shares in the Athens Stock Exchange, as well as for speculation.

    • International

Transactions on Futures, Options, CFD’s on indices, stocks, currencies, commodities and precious metals.

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It will be our pleasure to visit our offices in Athens, in order to have a personal meeting with our advisors and discuss your investment options.

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    Prelium Investment Services has established international partnerships,
    covering all types of investment services.
    Piraeus Bank
    Solidus Securities AEPEY
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