Discretionary Portfolio Management

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Professional management of your portfolio in order to
achieve your investment goals
  • Refers to private investors that seek professional management of their portfolio in order to achieve their investment goals and needs.
  • The investor enjoys Prelium’s investment know-how, expertise and experience while minimizing the time required by him.
  • The approach is based on active portfolio management according to which Prelium designs, formulates and monitors individual portfolios by investing in securities (equity, mutual funds, derivatives, bonds, alternative investment products) traded in the international financial markets.
  • Investment in securities is done with absolute transparency in transactions.
  • The management process is based on the individual needs of each investor (investment horizon, risk tolerance, expected return) to best serve his investment objectives.
  • Monthly statement of the structure and valuation of portfolio by investment category.

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It will be our pleasure to visit our offices in Athens, in order to have a personal meeting with our advisors and discuss your investment options.

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