Investor Information

Investor Information

Charges – Expenses for Athens Stock Exchange & Derivatives Market

Prelium Investments SA cooperates with the following companies to execute transactions on the Athens Stock Exchange and Derivatives Market. Click on them to find out about their pricing policy.

Charges - Account Expenses International Markets


1. Foreign Bond Transactions.

The commissions are calculated on the transaction value

Product From To
All Bonds 0,10% 2%
The execution slip is subject to third party costs, charges and taxes.

2. Stock Trading & ETF’s Trading in Organized Foreign Markets

Minimum commission charge on all Foreign Exchange Shares 25,00 € to 85,00 € (Depending on the Executing Company)

Minimum Commission Charge

Up to 1,00%

25,00€ to 85,00€

100 DKK

100 SEK

40 CHF

30 GBP[1]


Minimum Commission Charge

Up to 1,00% for Non Penny Stocks

From $0,04 to $0,10 per share for Penny Stocks


35 CAD

3. Transactions in International Mutual Funds

Type of Mutual Fund Buy Sell
Money Market 0,5% 0%
Bonds 1% 0%
Mixed 1,5% 0%
Fund of Funds 2% 0%
Stock 2% 0%
Special Type 2% 0%
Hedge Funds 3% 0%
Fund of Hedge Funds 3% 0%

 [1] The commission charge on the confirmation slip for transactions in the London Stock Exchange, will be the customer’s agreed commission plus the stamp (0.50% on UK stock markets) plus PMT levy (1£ per transaction that exceeds £ 10,000).

Charges – Portfolio Management & Investment Advice


The pricing policy is determined by the type of portfolio, the time Horizon of the investment, the amount of the portfolio and the type of transactions that each customer chooses.

Private Clients pay:

  • Annual management fee on the average quarterly value of the Client’s portfolio (0.2% – 2% depending on the investment profile and the value of the portfolio under management, as well as any agreement for the payment of a performance fee).
  • Performance fee, if agreed (10% – 20% depending on the value of the portfolio being managed).
  • Trading commissions on equity, bonds, UCITS, ETFs, derivatives and generally the financial instruments of the portfolio being managed.



Annual fee for the Investment Advice, from 0.20% to 1.5% on the average quarterly value of the Client’s portfolio. It is paid at the end of each calendar quarter, with a minimum payment threshold of € 125.00 per calendar quarter.

The Company warns the Customer that additional costs, including taxes, may arise in relation to transactions in the financial instrument or investment service that are not imposed by the Company.

The Company may pay retrocessions to the cooperating companies, as well as to its Tied Agents. Retrocessions are a percentage of the transaction fees and the fees for discretionary management and investment advice (30% to 75%).

Key Information Documents (KIDs)

PRELIUM Investment Services S.A. has available the Key Information Documents (or KIDs) of basic financial products, and you have access to them through your investment account, in order to be able to understand the nature, the risk, the potential gains and losses of these products and in order to help you compare them with other financial products. Before making any transaction on any of these financial instruments-products, you need to have read and understood the Key Information Document of each and every product you wish to invest in.
In the case you do not fully understand the risks involved in investing in these financial instruments and / or the characteristics of each of them, please contact our company directly at [email protected] and ask us anything you wish. Our company considers that if, following this posting-information, you issue an order on these financial instruments, you are supposed to have read, understood and accepted the terms and risks described in the KID of the product in which you are investing – you buy a position.
In this context, we make available the Key Information Documents (KID) of the specific financial instruments traded in the Athens Stock Exchange (X.A.), as well as in other international stock exchanges: