Derivatives Trading

Derivatives Trading

Prelium’s Greek Derivative Products Department brings you closer to a
modern form of investment, the Derivatives.

Closer to a modern form of investment

Prelium’s Greek Derivatives Department brings you closer to a modern form of investment, Derivatives Products. With the solvency of ATHEX (Athens Stock Exchange Clearance Company SA) and the Athens Stock Exchange, that ensure the proper functioning and the implementation of the regulations in this market, Prelium Investment Services serves as a Derivatives Market Trading Member, to accommodate investors’ needs for hedging and speculation in rising and dropping Derivative Products.

Move more flexibly in the Greek Market

Take advantage of leveraging these products and move more flexibly in the Greek Market. Get acquainted with products traded in the form of derivatives and take advantage of the rise as well as the drop of FTASE25.

A Prelium executive can guide you

With or without a portfolio in the Securities Market, an executive of Prelium can guide you through the benefits of derivative products by analyzing the pros and cons of leverage and exploiting downward market movements, either speculatively or to protect your existing portfolio. In addition, you may use any portfolio you have in the Athens Stock Exchange as collateral for your transactions in derivative products. Learn how to mortgage and release stocks and how to profit from using margin in the Derivatives Market.

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What are Derivatives

Forward contracts that are continuously traded in an organized market

Derivatives are forward contracts that are traded continuously in a regulated market through which investors can depict future expectations of the value of an underlying asset or index. The price of a derivative product is directly related to the fluctuation of the price of other primary products. Thus, derivative products refer to shares, stock indices, bonds, foreign exchange or commodities. Internationally, the most popular derivatives traded in regulated markets are Futures and Options.

The official and organized Derivatives Market in Greece was established in 1997 and started operating in August 1999.

  1. Futures – Futures on stocks and indices
  2. Stock Options – Options on equities and indices
  3. Repurchase Agreements (repo’s) with the clearing house of the market or on another bilateral basis on:
  • Shares that participate in an index that represents underlying value for derivatives
  • Shares for which there is or there will be a market maker for shares of Exchange Traded Funds.
Margin Calculator

Calculate now the margin of a position you want to develop in a Greek derivative. How much money is needed, in order to buy or sell derivative contracts.

Hedging Calculator

Easily and quickly hedge all, or part of, your portfolio, using FTASE25 contracts, based on the beta of the shares of your portfolio.…………….

Collateral Calculator

Obtain purchasing power to cover the Margin in the Derivatives market by mortgaging your portfolio shares.

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