Prelium Investment Services SA

We offer each customer an integrated solution for
his stock trading needs.
  • An Investment Services Company that is independent, stable, with high moral standards
  • Our Corporate philosophy is to ensure security, transparency and adherence to the needs of each one of our clients and partners
  • Founded in 2000, based in Athens
  • Supervised by the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission
  • With investor funds exceeding € 60,000,000.00
We offer modern, integrated, personalized services.

Prelium (LF) Total Return Fund

Partnership of Prelium Investment Services S.A. with Eurobank
Fund Management Company Luxembourg.

  • The investment purpose of the fund is to achieve positive returns regardless of the course of individual stock markets and/or the course of different types of investment categories.
  • Prelium (LF) Total Return Fund assets are managed through a flexible investment strategy that can be tailored to the total risk the client wishes to assume, depending on the prevailing global financial and investment conditions.
  • A fund that essentially gives access to professional management and participation in investment strategies that until recently were the sole privilege of high income investors.

Online Trading

Easily enjoy flexibility, security and fast online trading
on your PC, tablet or smartphone.
Prelium Trader

Prelium Trader

We Are Best Team

Perform transactions in 29 Markets all around the world.

Contact a certified Advisor

It will be our pleasure to visit our offices in Athens, in order to have a personal meeting with our advisors and discuss your investment options.

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    Prelium Investment Services has established international partnerships,
    covering all types of investment services.
    Piraeus Bank
    Solidus Securities AEPEY
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