Prelium Investment Strategy

Prelium Investment Services S.A. offers to its client services which are beyond the simple investment advice and provides services that meet all possible financial needs of our client.

Strategic partnerships with high credit ratings financial institutions, globally renowned consulting firms and law offices enable us to offer complete solutions to our customers.

Success depends on many factors, the main of them are quality, right strategy and duration of the investment. For more than 12 years these factors are the principles for our customers’ service. Those principles allow us to consistently offer to our customers new, stable customized solutions.

Asset Management

Prelium (LF) Total Return Fund

The investment objective of the Sub - Fund is to achieve positive returns regardless of the progress of individual stock indices and / or the course of different asset classes.

UCITS IV Luxembourg
Minimum Investment
Prelium A € 1,000 – Prelium B € 300,000
Management Co
Eurobank Fund Management Company (Luxembourg) S.A. / Eurobank FMC-LUX
Investment Manager
Eurobank Asset Management ΑΕΔΑΚ / Eurobank Asset Management M.F.M.C.
Investment Advisor
Prelium Investment Services
Eurobank Private Bank Luxembourg S.A.
Price Waterhouse Coopers

The distribution of the Fund is accomplished through Prelium Investment Services as nominee, through specific Eurobank branches, via e-banking for any Eurobank customer and through the private banking / asset management / wealth management departments of any financial institution.


Discretionary Portfolio Management

  • Discretionary investment solution that enables investor to benefit from the experience and expertise of our portfolio managers.
  • Develop customised portfolios according to each investor’s needs and goals; portfolio is constructed in accordance with each client’s expected return, risk tolerance and investment horizon.
  • Achieve consistent and above average returns while limiting risk.
  • Maximise risk-adjusted returns by actively managing client’s portfolios and investing in a wide variety of investments such as equities, fixed income, funds and derivatives with a global perspective.
  • Monthly statements of portfolio performance and asset allocation.
  • Full transparency of investment decisions which is a prerequisite for building a long term relationship of trust with the client.


Investment Advisory

  • Investment advisory services for both private and institutional investors. Offering modern, integrated and personalized investment solutions based on our Open Architecture platform based on Prelium's strategic partnerships with high-quality banking institutions and top-tier investment firms.

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