What is the PreliumTrader?

  • Trade now in 29 stock exchanges globally and more than 23,000 financial products.
  • All products in a live trading platform.
  • Download the platform directly from the website of our company.
  • Diversification of your portfolio in liquid markets.
  • One margin account for all investment categories.
  • Direct live observation of your account through the platform.
  • Trading Desk support from 9:30 am to 11:00 pm
  • Easy account opening procedure
  • Continuous personal Advisor Service

Do you recognize investment opportunities in international stock exchanges? Do you know the ability to take profits in the upturn but also in the downturn of stock exchanges products? Prelium Investment Services S.A. recognizes your needs and provides you the unique platform PreliumTrader, a trading tool which enters you to the largest exchanges all over the world. Get now access with PreliumTrader platform and have a completely training experience by one of our qualified advisors who are specialized in International Markets.

Seeking always opportunities in international markets, Prelium Investment Services created the trading platform PreliumTrader, an integrated tool, necessary to any modern investor, who is interesting to expand his investment horizons beyond the Greek stock market. Focusing on investors needs, the platform provides access to worldwide markets and in a variety of investment products. Feel comfortable and try a free account demo for 20 days, by clicking here.

However, the platform is just a tool. Our company’s philosophy remains stable. Our priority is to recognize the personalized needs of each investor and to implement them in the most possible way. Your personal advisor who is specialized in International Markets will be by your side for anything you may need.

Your International Markets Advisor is the one who will understand your needs, discuss your goals, explain the opportunities of foreign markets, and educate you. By visiting our office you can get your own free account, the award-winning platform “PreliumTrader” and of course the most important of all, you are going to meet our experienced and certified advisors from the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, staffed only for you by Prelium Investment Services S.A.


Get the Prelium Global platform that satisfy your needs.


Windows version of PreliumTrader, to be installed on your computer.

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Web Prelium Global

Are you on a computer without PreliumTrader installation and you want to check the current status of your portfolio? Just login to Web PreliumTrader, and have the complete control of your account with the ability to place orders using your Internet browser.

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Mobile PreliumTrader

Login to Mobile PreliumTrader to check the current status of your portfolio from your smartphone or tablet.


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