The Company

Prelium Investment Services S.A. was founded in August 2000 in Athens and since then is member of the Equities and Derivatives Market of the Athens Exchange. The company is one of the fastest growing in the industry and offers a wide range of investment and financial services.

Our Philosophy

The ability to understand directly and with clarity our customers’ investment goals and preferences allow us to design the optimal strategy for achieving these goals. The three pillars of security, transparency and adherence to the investment needs of each customer are the driving forces for our continuous effort. In Prelium Investment Services we do not categorize investors into groups as we strongly believe that each investor has his/her own characteristics and subsequently his/her own unique profile.

Meet Our Goals

Our primary objective is the best possible comprehension of our clients’ interests, priorities and goals. For achieving this we have created a broad range of services tailored to the individual needs of both, retail and institutional investors. Our services are provided within a context of personal relationship that is governed by the principles of transparency and confidentiality. The company is supported by a well-organized network of associates with excellent training and high professional attitude and standards.

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